5 Tips on Caring for Calibration Weights

Top 5 Tips on Caring for Calibration Weights
Here are our top 5 tips on caring for scale and balance calibration weights:

1 Monitor the temperature

If the temperature differs between the weights and the balance, wait to calibrate until the weights adjust to the same temperature as the balance.

2 Handle with care

Handle weights with gloves or tweezers to help protect the surface from fingerprints, dirt or lint.

3 Keep them clean

If dust or fingerprints are presenton the weight, use a soft brush to remove them before starting the calibration process.

4 Store in proper case

Always store weights in a protective lined case. Even small dust particles on the weights can affect calibration results on highly sensitive balances.

5 Certify for traceability

If your lab applications require traceability, calibration weights can be sent to an outside facility to be certifed to a master set of weights.

Click here to download your free caring for calibration weights guide.

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