How to Get More Value from Bench and Floor Scales

Warehouse Boxes to be Weighed

Weighing devices can be a costly investment, so getting the most out of your scales can be critical. Adding accessories can be an effective way to not only increase productivity, but also to extend the useful life of your scale.

In demanding factory environments, loads are often oversized and too unwieldy to easily handle. Ramps, for example, are a great way to expedite heavy industrial weighing tasks.


Industrial grade ramps make loading and unloading of bench, floor and platform scales much easier by working in conjunction with pallet trucks and hand trucks to load larger items (like drums, pallets and barrels) or, in a medical setting, wheelchairs onto a platform without the need for lifting.

Adam Equipment PT and Ramp

Adam ramps (which come in three widths from 1,000 to 1,500mm) are available in either diamond plated mild steel for the most demanding tasks. They can be used alone or in multiples to allow loading and unloading from any direction.

For safety, the ramps can be secured to the floor to prevent movement. When used with Adam’s PT platforms, the ramps are designed to securely connect to the platforms.


In addition to ramps, other useful accessories for bench, floor and platform scales include:

  • Communication cablessoftware and printers. Cables allow users to connect scales to computers and printers, quickly transferring data and eliminating the time and effort needed to transcribe weighing results. Once the scale is connected to the computer, how does the data transfer? With software, like the Adam DU data collection program, which captures data from up to 8 different Adam Equipment scales for analysis or export to other applications.
  • Calibration weights. To ensure the continued integrity of weighing results, scales should be calibrated using ASTM or OIML weights. (For more information, check out our recent blog.)
  • Light tower kit with relay box. Ideal for checkweighing, the light tower indicates whether a weighing result is over, under or within set limits. The relay box allows the result to trigger a voltage relay and permits the scale to drive other items, including a motor for filling.
  • In-use covers. In messy environments, disposable in-use covers allow easy cleanup and prevent damage to scales from accidental spills.

Need help selecting the perfect accessory to make the most of your weighing devices? Ask us!

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